Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cherry blossom lights

I picked up a giant fallen branch with buds on it yesterday and i'm trying to force bloom it. I'm about to burst with anticipation for blooming tree buds. I'm dreaming of riding my bike in a skirt with the petals falling on me like rain. Maybe these amazing cherry blossom lights will tide me over. I spotted them in the bottom picture from Design Sponge.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wall stickers

I know I just did a post about Domestic, but I feel justified doing one about their wallstickers too. I dream of the day I can do whatever I want to my walls, starting with these hanging vines. Stickers are a fun alternative to all-covering wallpaper, because you can arrange the image exactly how you want it.
Some kitties for Jisoo that won't make her sister sneeze.


I need to snatch these mirrors up before Urban Outfitters finds them. Laser cutters are the best toy ever. These beauties are from Narcisse collection at Domestic. "Domestic introduces collections of objects designed by designers, graphic artists and artists gathered around innovating and new concepts and themes. All these objects have the particularity of offering an area where the end user can intervene and be free in the creation process."